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Implications of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for Financial Institutions-Sp24


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Connor Heaton


Inc., Strategic Resource Management

Target Audience

CCOs, CEOs, CFOs, CROs, finance, presidents, risk officers

Program Time

10:00 am-11:00 am CT


60 minutes

This talk is focused on the implications of advanced large language models ILLMs] for banks and credit unions. Topics covered include the history of Al, what LLMs are and why they matter, emerging use cases for financial institutions, risks, and the future of work.

Key Takeaways:

• Understand the transformative potential of LLMs and their applications in the banking and credit union industry.
• Recognize the risks and challenges associated with implementing LLMs. including biases. data security concerns, and compliance risks.
• Gain an understanding of how LLMs can enhance various areas of financial institutions. from fraud detection to content management.
• Explore the potential impact of LLMs on the workforce and the need for new skills and expertise.
• Learn about the importance of establishing robust Al policies to govern the use of LLMs and protect sensitive data within financial institutions.