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Adopting New Negotiations Tactics to Win the Battle for Deposits-Sp24


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Neil Stanley


The CorePoint

Target Audience

ALCO members, CEOs, CFOs, chief retail, chief risk officer, controllers, funding officers

Program Time

10:00 am-11:30 am CT


90 minutes

Banks’ deposit negotiation skills have atrophied during the past 15 years. Now, rates and competition apply pressure on bank staff through depositors who are visiting branches looking for high yields and short commitments. Managers too are under intense pressure, often spending their days on the phone or at the desks of front-line staff seeking exception pricing. Are banks trapped between customers and rising cost of funds, or can they chart a path to satisfy both? Join us in learning how institutions across the country are mastering, and in many cases re-mastering, the negotiation and product tactics that retain and grow deposit relationships while providing banks funding at both the right volume and price point.

Specific topics include:

• Understanding the market potential of non-interest-bearing and low-rate deposits
• Observations about the threats to conventional banking paradigms – given the expected level and potential volatility of interest rates
• Why depositors would choose certain CDs over others, just as they choose U.S. Treasuries over bank CDs
• How can education on deposit products alleviate rate-shopping conversations
• How are institutions using technology to remain closer to depositors
• What product pairings are institutions using to retain and grow funding