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Business Financial Statements and Tax Returns – Developing and Analyzing the Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) Model-Sp24


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Richard Hamm


Advantage Consulting & Training

Target Audience

commercial lenders, credit analysts, lending managers and credit officers, loan review specialists, private bankers, small business lenders

Program Time

8:30 am-10:00 am CT


90 minutes

The Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) cash flow model is an important analytical tool provided as output from business financial statement “spreading” software used for commercial and industrial (C&I) loans. This seminar demonstrates how the UCA model is derived and compares it to the statement of cash flows (SCF) prepared by accountants. From a “hands on” case study, the participants will learn how to calculate the UCA formats, plus how to use it to evaluate business cash flow in conjunction with traditional ratio analysis.

Topics to be covered:
• Introduction to the UCA model and how it is derived from basic financial statements or tax returns
• Compare and contrast the “direct” format (used in UCA) from the “indirect” format (used in SCF)
• How to calculate and how to use the UCA model to evaluate business cash flow, with a focus on assessing operating cash flow consistency and reliability, plus how short-term and long-term financing affect cash flow
• How cash flow analysis can be integrated into and validate traditional ratio analysis and other underwriting techniq