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Employee Retention Strategies in a Dynamic Labor Market-Fa24


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Recording Available Until



Julia Johnson


Wipfli LLP

Target Audience

CEOs, Human resource officers, supervisors

Program Time

2:00 pm-3:00 pm CT


60 minutes

There’s no question we are living through a dynamic period in history. With low unemployment levels, a diminished labor market and the effects of COVID barely in our rear-view mirror, companies must focus on their people — now more than ever. The ability to work remotely will forever change how and where we perform our work. High performers have choices and can be lured away by the competition. It behooves employers to analyze their workforce and implement creative practices to retain their talent. In this session, we recognize the challenges organizations face due to low availability of talent in the current market, identify today’s unique workplace issues requiring employers to implement proactive strategies to retain talent and define strategies to retain top talent that can be implemented immediately.

Learning objectives for this program are:

  • Explore critical factors for employee retention
  • Discuss future employment trends and statistics
  • Identify best practices to increase employee retention

Target Audience: Human resource officers, supervisors, CEO