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Manage Your Core Assets…Relationships, Teams, Brands-Fa24


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Kyle Hershberger, Tom Hershberger


Cross Financial

Target Audience

emerging leaders, Senior managers and leaders, mid to upper-level managers

Program Time

2:00 pm-3:30 pm CT


90 minutes

Every bank has three essential assets they should be managing. Like any asset within the organization, proactive management of each asset will generate superior results. Among these essential assets we find a mix of employees, relationships, and the bank’s trade area reputation. All of the ingredients necessary to attract and retain customers. Banks have learned that everything impacting a customer’s life at work and home will eventually carry over to the financial services industry. How banks leverage their essential assets will influence their navigation of emerging environments impacting their customers. Management teams and leaders need to know how to introduce change and integrate new policies and procedures, while preserving culture and community image. Plan to learn about unifying teams, leveraging internal support, and customer-facing service. What will it take to succeed in a changing banking industry? Some of the answers are already part of your established culture. Others will need to be examined and introduced. Focus on your essential assets if you want to outperform your competitors.

 Target Audience:  Senior managers and leaders, emerging leaders, mid to upper-level manag