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Net Interest Margin Volatility-Fa24


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Dave Koch



Target Audience

All audiences

Program Time

2:00 pm-3:00 pm CT


60 minutes

Financial institutions find themselves caught in the net of the fast rise in interest rates. A majority of the asset portfolio remains priced at lower yields while traditional low-cost deposits have wreaked havoc on funding costs.

The inverted yield curve has promoted shorter term investments that have high repricing impact when the Fed lowers rates, punching holes in future earnings. Tight liquidity levels may lead to slower deposit rate responses furthering the negative impact on net interest margin.

Now, with the potential for falling rates in sight, you and your ALCO must examine how to structure your balance sheet to insulate the impact.

In this session we will examine key drivers in making balance sheet allocation decisions and how to include data such as demographics and latest trends when managing future deposit and loan offerings.

Attendees will take away ideas and information on:

  • How to evaluate the ALCO risks in falling rates
  • What strategies might work on the asset side of the balance sheet to combat falling rates
  • How to evaluate prepayment speeds based on your portfolio data
  • What role does your core deposit study play in assessing margin volatility
  • How factors such as depositor age and account “vintage” impact volatility
  • Why your future use of wholesale funding is changing.

 Target Audience:  All audien