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Refining Deposit Strategy in 2024 and Beyond-Sp24


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Neil Stanley


The CorePoint

Target Audience

ALCO members, CEOs, CFOs, chief retail, chief risk officer, controllers, funding officers

Program Time

10:00 am-11:30 am CT


90 minutes

Our industry is undergoing significant transitions as we leave behind the ultra-low interest rates that we have lived with since the Great Recession. The Fed’s dual mandate demands that they address inflation with overnight interest rates and reversal of quantitative tightening which was an experiment in the Great Recession and was pursued robustly in the Pandemic. Now the Fed must give as much weight to inflation as they have to unemployment in recent history. Given this context, the industry is positioned with few term deposits and greater vulnerability to money migration than any time in the past. The industry entered 2022 with an abundance of deposits relative to loan demand. With market rates of interest rising bankers have been forced to decide how to structure and price deposits as deposit holders are coming to the realization that their deposits once again have a material earnings proposition. Many depositors are awakening to the opportunities. High performance bankers let sleepers sleep and simultaneously efficiently and effectively deal with the curious and those actively seeking.

Specific topics include:

• Assessing the interest rate environment and competitive landscape
• Measuring and interpreting deposit pricing and sales results
• Advanced techniques in attracting and retaining properly priced deposits