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Retail Banking: Sales, Growth and Client Relationship Keys-Fa24


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Kristi Krayneski


The CorePoint

Target Audience

directors, growth & sales officer, managers, retail banking officers, training and development managers

Program Time

2:00 pm-3:30 pm CT


90 minutes

Rate and deposits are relevant again.  Is your retail team trained and ready to help customers manage their money?  Understanding some key ingredients of successful retail sales focused on growth and value is a game changer in today’s rate environment.  Learn some great approaches for how you and your team can embrace sales and bring true value to your customers.

  • Understanding how the retail role impacts bank profitability
  • Key skills needed for growth and sales mindset for retail
  • Products ideas your team can sell
  • Training your team to provide value to customers and cross sell more

Target Audience: Retail banking officers, directors, managers, growth & sales officer, training and development manag