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Reward and Recognition Strategies-Sp24


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Patrice McGuire


McGuire Business Partners

Target Audience

and even customer discussions, Any professional that is wanting or needing to become more effective in recognizing and rewarding people doing good things. These opportunities can be peer-to-peer, subordinate

Program Time

9:30 am-11:00 am CT


90 minutes

Recognition and appreciation is a fundamental need of humans. Most employees respond to recognition of their good work because it reinforces that they are valuable and the work that they do is valued. Banks today need to get creative in recognizing and rewarding their employees. Fewer and fewer employees are making a career at one employer so leaders need to find ways to reward and recognize contributions, hard work and productivity. Most people, including leaders acknowledge not receiving or providing much positive feedback if any at all. It’s hard to retain good people if we don’t recognize the value in which others bring to the organization.

In this seminar participants will:

• Determine “what” to recognize and reward
• Identify the benefits of employee recognition
• Reward people with a personalized approach
• Make recognition a constant application