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Two Sides of the Same Coin – How and Why IT Should be Separated from IS-Sp24


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Howard Gordon


LLC, SBS CyberSecurity

Target Audience

Information security officers, IT managers, risk officers

Program Time

10:00 am-11:30 am CT


90 minutes

Security versus Convenience is the battle that every organization faces when leveraging technology today. If you lean too heavily on Security, performing routine business functions may become inefficient and frustrating. If you lean too heavily on Convenience, you risk exposing your network and data to hackers. To make matters worse, you need to have a separation between IT Operations (who is managing your technology) and Information Security (IS) Operations (who is making sure you are secure).

The goals of IT are primarily efficiency and convenience. The goals of IS are primarily protection and security. The two functions are on the opposite end of the spectrum from one another, yet, the two must work together in harmony to meet your business objectives. In this session, we’ll discuss:

• Differences between IT and IS
• Why IT needs to be separated from IS
• Who is responsible for what?
• How IT and IS can work in harmony