Admission Requirements

Admission to the Graduate School of Banking is by application only. Those seeking admission as first-year students should file an online application.

Admission requirements for first-year students are designed to select those applicants who are prepared by experience and prior education to derive the greatest benefit from this advanced bank management program. Each first-year applicant must qualify under one of the following criteria:

  • Officers of FDIC-insured banks or savings institutions with five years of banking experience, as well as a four-year college degree or four additional years of financial services experience.
  • State and federal financial institution regulatory officials and directors of banks or savings institutions with educational background and experience comparable to that required of bank officers.
  • Non-officer bank or savings institution employees who are performing officer-level functions will be considered if their applications are accompanied by letters of recommendation from their chief executive officers describing current duties and responsibilities.
  • Professionals from firms providing services to banks and savings institutions who have educational and experience backgrounds comparable to that required of bank officers will be considered for admission on a case by case basis and will be dependent on available space.

As a matter of policy, the Graduate School of Banking does not discriminate among applicants and participants on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, color, handicap, orientation or marital status.